Ryan O’Reilly

Welfare Officer

Ryan is the Student’s Union Vice President/Welfare Officer for the academic year 2020/2021, Originally from Cavan. Ryan has lived in Sligo for the past 4 years during this time he completed an ordinary degree in Business and an Honours degree in Marketing. Within his four years of college he has been involved with the Students’ Union, helping out with running campaigns and gaining experience from previous sabbatical officers. 

Ryan is responsible for the general welfare of all students in IT Sligo. He will liaise with pastoral care, medical and counselling services in the hope of expanding the general services available to students. Ryan helps to communicate Students’ Union Policies as well as general policies on Welfare throughout IT Sligo as well as running all relevant campaigns. Ryan can also help in relation to accommodation queries which students may have. You can reach Ryan by dropping into his office in the Student Centre or by contacting him on the details below.

Ryan O’Reilly

Email: Welfare@itssu.ie

Telephone: 0719141887

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